As we begin to become aware of the narrative patterns
around which we structure our lives,
we learn how to take charge, revise, refine,
and even completely rewrite them.
— Mandy Aftel

Counselling and Therapy

My emphasis in counselling is on supporting my clients in their efforts to grow and change as they face their unique challenges during the various phases of their life cycle.  By examining how their beliefs and experiences have impacted their thoughts we can work together to change perspective and expand horizons to encompass what is possible.  Counselling can help identify what is important to you as well as help you learn to embrace the changes you are experiencing.


Transitions Counselling   

Changes in our lives result in our going through personal transitions.  Whether these changes are predictable like the stages of parenting or retirement, or whether they are unpredictable as is divorce, accident or the sudden death of a loved one, we begin to question our present way of being. 

Sometimes we begin to question our identity and ask ourselves who we really are.  Each of us reacts differently to life changes but we all go through distinct and identifiable stages of transition.  Some of us have trouble letting go of the past, while others of us find the in-between stage more difficult, the stage where we have left behind one way of being but have yet to fully embrace the next.  Each of these stages brings its own challenges but also its own opportunities.  


Services Offered

Individual Counselling for Adults and Adolescents

Couples Counselling

Group Workshops


Photo Credit: "Sunrise at Driftwood Beach" courtesy of Achilles Morin Photography Galleries

Photo Credit: "Sunrise at Driftwood Beach" courtesy of Achilles Morin Photography Galleries