Perhaps we can recognize our way out of patterns rather than repeating our way out of them.
— Patti Digh

When looking at my own journey, I realize why I am attracted to working with people and groups who are going through a period of change.   I began my own career as a psychologist, working in agencies, schools and in private practice.  Since so much of my work involved working with educators both in the schools and later in the teacher training program at Acadia University, at the age of 40 I began to pursue my Ph.D. in Education.  Then after being an associate professor at Acadia for a number of years, I decided to open a retreat centre which specialized in working with people and groups during times of transitions.  This centre evolved into becoming not just a place for retreats but also a retreat for tourists and a facility for weddings.  As a result the centre grew to include some 35 employees at peak times of the year.  Then after 15 years of owning and managing a small business, I decided to return to my original intention helping individuals and groups with transitions.  Having experienced so many life and professional transitions myself, I have developed a personal understanding of the courage and space it takes to move through times of profound change.   



Registered Psychologist with Nova Scotia Board of Examiners
Canadian Psychological Association
Association for Psychological Science
Part-time instructor for Acadia University Counselling Program