3rd Act Leadership Forum

Connect, Create and Celebrate in your Third Act.

Ignite your passion and create a vibrant life because of your age.



3rd Act Leadership Forum: For Female Entrepreneurs in the Third Act*


A Mastermind group of 3-6 women designed to support you in creating in your third act.

  • Membership includes a bi-annual three-day private retreat in a beautiful setting. 
  • Guest speaker, food, programming, and drinks included. 
  • Spa services, travel & accommodation not included.
  • Private entrepreneurial coaching sessions with Carole. A resource you can lean on. 
  • Weekly check-ins via video conference call.   

Maritime Chapter: Monthly full day sessions in person in Halifax, NS

Ontario Chapter: Monthly full day sessions in person in Toronto, ON

* Terms and conditions apply: member must have been in program for 3 months before attending retreat.




One on one session to ignite your third act.  60 min.


You’ve already built a life based off of other people’s expectations of you. You’re ready to try something new, and you’re pondering questions like, “What have I not tried?” or “What can I do now?” 

You know you have so much to offer, but you’re coming up against a belief system that’s strongly rooted in the old. 

You want to create something with purpose, passion, and have meaningful connections in your everyday life.

Together, let’s pull back the layers that keep you contained, and we’ll create your next chapter from a place of expansion. Where anything is possible.




3rd Act Conference in HalifaX 

Fall 2019. One day gathering to explore the unique gifts we bring to our third act.



Free Report

Learn more about why women in their third act are in a perfect position to be the leaders and healers in this time of change. This paper includes my research based list: Seven Keys to a Vibrant 3rd Act.