3rd Act Leadership Forum

The Third Act.

Ignite Your Passion, Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Spirit & Make Your Third Act Your Best Act.



what is the third act?

The chapter of your life that comes after you’ve raised your family and built your career. Follow the script and the expectation is that you stick to your knitting and slowly fade away. Let’s tear up the script!



What Is Entrepreneurial Spirit?

The hustle and drive that allowed you to manifest the first two chapters: the spark of innovation and excitement. The gift that allows you to imagine a better world and know how to make it real.



Want to learn more?

Learn more about why people in their third act are in a perfect position to be the leaders and healers in this time of change. This paper includes my research based list: Seven Keys to a Vibrant 3rd Act.


If you want to be a change maker in your third act, you’ve come to the right place. Unleash your boundless self in the company of powerful women who don’t take “old” for an answer. Participate in our online community, attend our conference, or join us for a luxurious retreat.